Chen Guangcheng and Hu Jia won the 22nd Outstanding Democracy Award

(Reported by NTD reporter Yi Fan in San Jose, California) The China Democracy Foundation, founded by Mr. Huang Yuchuan in San Francisco, aims to promote democracy, rule of law, and safeguard human rights and freedom in China. For the Outstanding Democracy Award, please see the detailed report.

Chinese human rights lawyer Chen Guangcheng, Chinese social activist, environmental protection volunteer, and AIDS prevention activist Hu Jia received the 22nd China Democracy Education Foundation Outstanding Democracy Award. The awards ceremony was held on October 25th in San Jose Martin. Held at the Luther King Library.

Since Chen Guangcheng and Hu Jia are still being held in Chinese prisons, they cannot come to receive the award in person. Chinese human rights lawyer Li Subin and Hu Jia’s friend Zhang Qianjin represent the two awardees respectively. Former president Jiang Henglan and selection committee member Li Chengxin took over the medal. .

Chen Guangcheng’s friend Jeronme Cohen, a professor at the New York University Law School, said through the video, I remember he reluctantly said what the leaders wanted. Said, I didn’t want to do that, I wanted to use the judicial system, and that’s what he tried to do.

Reggie Littlejohn, an American human rights lawyer who helped Chen Guangcheng’s wife Yuan Weijing, called after introducing Chen Guangcheng, I challenge the Chinese government to release Chen Guangcheng immediately.

Introduction: The China Democracy Education Foundation announced last night the winners of the 21st circle of outstanding democrats. They are: Gao Yaojie, a retired doctor known as “the first person to prevent AIDS among the people”, and Zhang Yihe, an independent writer.


Jiang Henglan, president of the Democracy Education Foundation, said that this year’s two winners are both women, and they are fighting for freedom of public opinion and women’s rights. Women have played an important role in promoting democratization in China in recent years.


[Interview with President Jiang Henglan]: They are glad that there are still people overseas who can support them. This is the greatest encouragement to their spirit.


[Interview with Director Lin Muchen]: The awards given to these two ladies this year are in fact support for the new stage of the democratic movement represented by rights protection.


Over the past ten years, Gao Yaojie has been fearless of the CCP’s suppression, exposed the truth of Henan’s AIDS disaster to the outside world, and devoted all her savings to AIDS publicity and prevention work, which has attracted the attention of the international community and won many international awards.


Zhang Yihe’s books “The Past Is Not Like Smoke” and “The Lives of the Actors” were well received by readers, but they were successively banned by the CCP. Zhang Yihe immediately took the CCP State Information Administration to court. Jiang Henglan believes that Zhang Yihe’s public protest has opened the prelude to the rights protection activities to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the “anti-rightist movement”.


[Interview with Lin Muchen]: The CCP is not afraid of several people writing several articles. The fear is that the people organize and unite, because they know that their regime is not authorized by the people with their votes. They are an illegal regime. An illegal regime is bound to fall sooner or later.


[Interview with Jiang Henglan]: China has not yet embarked on the path of freedom, democracy, human rights and the legal system, so it is still insufficient. Even though there is a big take-off in the economy, there is economic progress, but there is no political reform. This economic prosperity is also false. So we hope that as a Chinese, we love our country. We are not trying to contradict the country, China. We hope China can get on the right track.


This year’s awards ceremony will be held in Navado on November 3rd