December 10 is “World Human Rights Day”. On this day, the “China Democracy Education Foundation” in San Francisco, the United States held the 30th “China Outstanding Democracy Personnel” award ceremony and celebrated its 30th anniversary. Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democratic Party of the US House of Representatives, attended the celebration and presented the award to Tang Jingling, the winner of the 30th “Outstanding Democracy of China”.

“China Democracy Education Foundation” was established in 1986, the founder is San Francisco Chinese Huang Yuchuan. About 10 years ago, the 1989 generation in exile took over the banner from the older generation. Zhou Fengsuo and Lin Muchen, leaders of the 1989 Democracy Society and famous pro-democracy activists, have successively served as presidents. The current president is Fang Zheng, a former Beijing student whose legs were crushed by a PLA tank during the June 4 massacre of 1989.

Fang Zheng delivered a speech. He said: “China Democracy Education Foundation” has been persistently promoting China’s democratic progress for 30 years, and it has also witnessed the hardships and twists and turns of China’s democratic development. Fang Zheng said: “The ‘China Democracy Education Foundation’ has adhered to its founding purpose for the past 30 years. From the three first winners of Liu Binyan, Wei Jingsheng and Wang Ruoshui in 1986, to today’s Tang Jingling won the 30th China Outstanding Democracy Award There are already 91 winners before and after the People’s Award. This splendid list has witnessed the process of China’s contemporary democratic reform for more than 30 years. Those pioneers and former sages who promoted China’s democracy have brought us spiritual courage and spurred We are going out of the woods and rebuilding the glorious cause of liberal democracy.”


Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, was invited to attend the celebration and deliver a speech. Nancy Pelosi has always been a supporter of the “China Democracy Education Foundation”. In 1992, she was awarded the title of “Outstanding Democracy in China” by the “China Democracy Education Foundation”. Nancy Pelosi praised the “China Democracy Education Foundation” for its 30 years of persistence and hard work. She read out a long list of the names of persecuted political dissidents in China, said she would continue to pay attention to them, and promised to continue to support China’s freedom, democracy and human rights movements in the future.


After the speech, Nancy Pelosi presented the award to Tang Jingling, the winner of the 30th “Outstanding Democracy in China”. Tang Jingling is currently being held in a Chinese prison. Tang Jingling’s wife, Wang Yanfang, who came to the United States a month ago, accepted the award on behalf of her husband.


Yang Jianli, Teng Biao, Chen Guangcheng, Chen Weiming, famous Chinese democracy activists and human rights activists in the United States, Jin Bianling, wife of missing human rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong, Liu Xiaodong, wife of Beijing democracy activist Zhao Changqing, and Chinese democracy pioneer Wang Bingzhang who was kidnapped by the CCP and returned to China and sentenced to life imprisonment. Daughter Wang Tianan, daughter Geng Gege of human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng, who was tortured and persecuted by the CCP, were invited to attend the award ceremony and celebration of the “China Democracy Education Foundation”.