• Chinese:中國民主教育基金會
  • Name:Chinese Democratic Education Foundation

  • Purpose: The Foundation sets up prizes to reward the following activities that promote the prosperity and progress of Chinese society.
    • A: Persons or activities that have made outstanding contributions to promoting democracy and the rule of law in China and safeguarding human rights and freedom. 
    • B: Various seminars with educational significance for promoting democracy and the rule of law in China and safeguarding human rights and freedom.(A activity is held once a year, and B will try to do as much as possible depending on the funding and manpower conditions)
  • Organization:
    The Foundation is registered in California and is a permanent non-profit organization. Select a number of enthusiastic people from all walks of life to form a council to be responsible for the fundraising, custody and use of the fund. The council has one president, one for documents, one for fundraising, one for finance and one for awards. All directors are voluntary. The council is solely responsible for the execution of the foundation’s work in accordance with the articles of association. In addition, a number of people who care about China’s democracy and rule of law and are well-regarded should be hired as selection committee members to direct the association’s conference affairs and selection work.
  • Use and custody of the fund:
     The use of the fund shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the purpose of the foundation. All donations are deposited in a special bank account. All income and expenses are disclosed, and donations can be tax deductible (Tax Deductible)
    We welcome people from all walks of life to make donations and participate in the work of the council, please contact us.
  • contact us:
    • email: cdefinfo@gmail.com
    • Tel: (650) 460-8964 (International calls: 01-650-460-8964)
    • Address: China Democracy Education Foundation, 26720 Patrick AVE, Hayward CA 94544, USA



Zheng Fang


Congde Feng

Council and Foundation Board​

方政Zheng Fang
蔣亨蘭Grace Wong
林牧晨Mu Chen Lin
江波Paul Kong
張志強Charles Cheung
封從德Congde Feng
何慧Freeman Ho
賈育台Yu-Tai Chia
成妮燕Anna Ching
成佳燕Mary Ching
任松林George Ren
趙昕Xin Zhao
林劲鹏Jingpeng Lin
成秋波Qiubo Cheng
鄭雲Yun Zheng
李亞恬Sveta Lee
陳闖創Chuangchuang Chen
李向陽Xiangyang Li
趙常青Changqing Zhao

Former Council Member for Lifetime Achievement

黃雨川Frank K. Wong發起人,前會長(已故)
馬良駿Anthony Ma前副會長(已故)
孫魯正Jerry Sung發起人之一
成其林Qilin Chen前理事(已故)
葉國榮Guorong Ye前理事(已故)

Team and Volunteers

Zheng Fang


Congde Feng

Head of Network Technology

Yun Zheng

Project Director

George Ren

Software Engineer

staff and volunteers

方政Zheng FangChairman
林牧晨Mu Chen LinSecretary
江波Paul KongCashier, Financial manager
張志強Charles CheungAccounting manager
丁毅Yi DingDirector of public affairs
賈育台Yu-Tai ChiaHead of committee of the judges, Head of public welfare affairs
封从德Congde FengHead of Network Technology
任松林George RenSoftware engineer
韋旭光Xuguang WeiNetwork engineer
林勁鵬Jingpeng LinHead of Internal Communications
何慧Freeman Hophotographer, producer
成妮燕Anna ChingEvent project manager
成佳燕Mery ChingEvent project manager
肖國珍Guozhen XiaoConsultant on Human Rights and Legal Issues in China
李亞恬Sveta LeeAssistant President, Foundation Spokesperson
張揚Yang ZhangAssistant President, Website Management
顾卫国Steven GuDirector of International Affairs
胡金煒Jinwei HuPublic affairs specialist
李德鑫Dexin LiSocial media host
鄭雲Yun ZhengProject Director
方靚Liang FangWebsite text editor

Past presidents

黃雨川Frank K. Wongoriginator, deceased
林牧晨Mu Chen Lin 
周峰鎖Fengsuo Zhou 
蔣亨蘭Grace Wong 
馬良駿Anthony Ma deceased
賈育台Yu-Tai Cha 
何惠Freeman Ho 
杜维新Weixin Tu 

Distinguished Person for Advancing Democracy in China Award

Distinguished Person for Advancing Democracy in China Award:

– An annual international award in recognition of individuals and/or organizations have outstanding contributions of promoting the prosperity and progress of Chinese society for democracy, freedom and human rights, including cash bonus and metal. 


The nomination is open to public. The nominee list  is collected by the CDEF board from over 1000 individuals of all over the world. These individuals are often Chinese social workers and activists.


Reflecting the public nomination, the CDEF board then prepares a report and the list of preliminary candidates to the advisory committee. The final winners are selected directly from the vote of advisory committee. The individuals of the advisory committee are experts, academics, researchers and lawyers with high reputation in general public, along with the former prize owners. The CDEF board members do not have the selection voting rights.

Award Ceremony:

The winner of the prize is announced before the ceremony and presented in media. The ceremony is held in San Francisco bay area and open to pubic. Along with the ceremony, a recipient’s lecture and Chinese democracy conference are presented as well.

Prize Selection Committee

~ The Prize Selection Committee is composed of prestigious experts and scholars from all walks of life (the list includes emeritus members).

Professor at Harvard University王德威博士Prof. David Wang
Chair Professor at Princeton University余英時博士Prof. Ying-Shih Yu
Professor at the University of Maryland丘宏達博士Prof. Hungdah Chiu
Professor at University of Chicago余國藩博士Prof. Anthony Yu
Apple Daily columnist李怡Lee Yee
Famous expert on China issues, professor at the University of California, former Princeton professor林培瑞博士Prof. Perry Link
Professor at University of Wisconsin林毓生博士Prof. Yu-Sheng Lin
Judge for the Nobel Prize in Literature, Academician of the Royal Swedish Academy馬悅然博士Prof. Nils Göran David Malmqvist
Retired Professor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong孫國棟博士Prof. Kou-Tung Sun
President of American International University陳樹柏博士Prof. Shu-Park Chan
Professor at University of San Francisco程萬里博士Prof. Wan-Lee Cheng
Professor at Southwestern University楊力宇博士Prof. Winston L.Yang
Academician of Academia Sinica, Taiwan楊國樞博士Prof. Kao-Shu Yang
Founder of Taiwan Consumer Culture and Education Foundation柴松林博士Prof. Sun-Lin
Professor at Columbia University黎安友博士Prof. Andrew Nathan
Professor at University of California黎成信博士Prof. George Lee
International PEN members叢蘇Dorothea Tsung
Director, East Asian Institute, Harvard University, Chair Professor杜維明博士Prof.  Weiming Tu
Professor at University of Richmond王惟正博士Prof.  Weizheng Wang
Famous writer, historian, editor-in-chief of Huang Huagang Magazine辛灝年Haonian Xin
Member of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region何俊仁HO Chun Yan,Albert
Famous political scientist, former director of the Institute of Political Science of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences嚴家其Jiaqi Yan
Researcher at Lorenz Laboratory, Berkeley, USA, editorial board member of Huang Huagang Magazine余健文博士Dr. Kin Man Yu
Famous journalist, editor-in-chief of Trend Magazine張偉國Weiguo Zhang
Professor of Political Science, Georgia State University陳博中博士Prof. Chen Bozhong
Researcher at the Cato Institute, USA, Former Professor of Economics at Peking University夏業良博士Prof. Yeling Xia
Professor of Political Science, City University of New York Graduate Center and Staten Island College夏明博士Prof. Ming Xia
Reuters Senior Correspondent, Freelance Writer慕亦仁Poul Mooney
Retired Professor of Sociology, University of Macau程鐵軍博士Prof. Tiejun Cheng